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Young people are particularly interested in a garden again. A trend that nobody could have foreseen a few years ago. Back then it was the older generation who grew fruit and vegetables between the garden sheds and garden gnomes.

Nowadays, it is more and more young people who are drawn to nature and who not only want to nourish their families with a healthy garden, but also see them as a counterpoint to everyday stress and see peace and comfort in them. But a garden costs. Even if it was only leased, the gem usually has to be prepared first. And what applies to your own home also applies to the garden. A little comfort should not be missing. You can finance this with a loan for the garden.

Find the right loan for the garden

Find the right loan for the garden

In some regions, the savings banks have a very attractive and fair loan for the garden, especially for young families. It is therefore possible that families in need who are interested in a garden but cannot raise the funds themselves can receive a very low-interest loan from the Sparkasse through the garden association. The credit line can be between 10,000 and 20,000 dollars. The income limits for such a special loan are not as narrow as for conventional loans. Even families with low incomes have the chance to get a loan for the garden.

However, if you do not live in a region where the Sparkasse is so generous, you should try to get a regular installment loan. At the moment these are very cheap and can be combined with different runtime models. So you can optimally adjust the additional monthly charge to your personal circumstances. You can get an installment loan from all banks with branches and on the Internet from the relevant providers.

How much the plot for garden?

How much the plot for garden?

Another particular advantage is the fact that the prices for gardens have dropped sharply in recent years. Sometimes you can get a plot of land for 2,000 or 3,000 dollars. However, the garden shed on it is usually a bit older and one or two working hours have to be invested in order to bring the garden back into shape. But if you like being in nature and appreciate the advantages of a garden, you will be happy to take this on.

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