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With regard to borrowing, there has been a clear trend in recent years. More and more prospective creditors take out their desired loan via the Internet and no longer rely on their house bank or bank, which they can find on site. They want to be independent, be able to compare many different loan offers and ultimately use the best offer for their own purposes.

Urgent loan via internet

Urgent loan via internet

Since the internet is full of loan offers, there is nothing standing in the way of this wish. Because it can be easily implemented as soon as an Internet-capable computer and a printer as well as possibly a scanner are available. No more technical aids are needed.

However, what bothers some borrowers is the fact that online loans in most cases require a PostIdent procedure. This is necessary in order to be able to check the identity of the borrower in full. Since the borrower does not personally speak to the bank, the presentation of an identity card or passport is unfortunately not sufficient, since it is not possible to check whether the person presenting the document also fits the official document. After all, it can also be stolen.

The PostIdent procedure thus serves to legitimize and is an important step in borrowing. However, it also ensures that borrowing is delayed. After all, as a borrower you always have to go to a post office, present all documents, ask the post office to verify your identity and then send all the documents to the bank. This takes time, nerves and is therefore not always a pleasure. Above all, not when an urgent loan is sought.

This is how a loan can succeed without a PostIdent

In order to be able to get a loan without PostIdent, something has to be done differently. There are also some online loans that offer the VideoIdent in addition to the PostIdent. You have to connect to the donor via live chat, switch on the computer camera and present your face and all the relevant documents. An employee of the bank then looks at everything, compares the information and decides whether this type of legitimation is sufficient.

However, there is often the problem that the picture is not particularly good or that the information on the identity card cannot be read clearly. This procedure is therefore only offered to a limited extent and the banks are sticking to the PostIdent procedure.

If you want to take out the loan without PostIdent, you should consider whether you want to take the traditional way of borrowing and simply apply for it at a local bank. The offers there are quite impressive and are not necessarily worse than what can be found on the Internet. In addition, a personal conversation including advice is offered, which is important to many borrowers. By not using the PostIdent procedure, the money from the loan is also available very quickly and all criteria for an urgent loan without PostIdent are met.

Incidentally, offers from local banks can also be compared using the Internet.

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