Borrow money despite job change

There are many reasons to change jobs. The main reasons are impending unemployment or a bad working atmosphere. But merging two households can make it necessary to change jobs.

This is not a problem in itself, it only becomes difficult if a loan is also applied for when changing jobs. In this case, the banks are happy to refuse a loan because the trial period has not yet passed. During the trial period, the employment relationship can be terminated at any time by both sides without stating reasons. But how is a loan possible despite changing jobs?

Credit despite changing jobs

Credit despite changing jobs

Changing jobs doesn’t happen overnight. Those who want to give up their jobs have actually known this for a long time. As long as the old employment relationship still exists and the creditworthiness is perfect, there are no problems with a loan. The borrower does not have to mention to the bank that a change of job is imminent. In this case, it even makes sense to apply for a loan via the Internet, because not so many questions are asked here.

It is different when talking to the bank advisor. Since the banks usually only want to see the income statements for the past three months, a job change is not noticeable. It is perfectly legitimate to keep this secret. A loan despite a change of job can thus come about.

What if the switch has already taken place?

What if the switch has already taken place?

Those who apply for a loan after switching to a new employer have bad cards. During the probationary period, things look very bad with a loan, because the employment relationship is not yet firmly secured. In the worst case, unemployment can threaten.

The banks do not accept this increased risk of default. It becomes even more difficult with a Swiss loan. The banks in Switzerland require an employment relationship that must have existed for at least six months. Some even require twelve months. Only then does a loan come about despite a change of job.

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